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Motocross Racer is a fast paced motorcycle racing game for iOS.   It’s one of the most realistic dirt bike games out there, from the the physics, to motorcycles and riders.   You can race your friends, watch replays, and use techniques like Brake Tapping, Panic Revving, Scrubbing and Seat Bouncing just like the pros!

Download it now for FREE!

Motocross Racer for iOS
Prescription strength fun!

•   125cc, 250cc, 500cc bikes
•   60 exciting tracks are available
•   3 opponents for each track
•   Race against friends replays
•   Race against your own replays
•   Easy to use controls
•   Realistic physics
•   Realistic engine sound
•   Choose rider & bike colors
•   Choose rider name & number
•   Watch slow motion replays

Motocross Racer, an iOS motorcycle racing game.