Q.  How many stars does it take to unlock a track?
A.  1 star for tracks 1 & 2.  2 stars for tracks 3 to 5.  3 stars for tracks 6 to 20.

Q.  Can you turn off the bike modification IAPs?
A.  Yes you can enable/disable them by clicking on the checkmark in the shopping menu.

Q.  How can you tell what bike modifications a bike has?
A.  Speed has a silver exhaust pipe instead of black.  Acceleration has gold rims instead of silver.  Suspension has an ACME sticker on the swingarm and blue coated fork tubes.

Q.  If I buy a bike modification IAP will it work with all of the bike classes?
A.  Yes, 125, 250, 500.

Q.  Will combining bike modification IAPs make the bike go even faster?
A.  Yes.  2 is faster than 1 and 3 is faster than 2.

Q.  How do you watch replays?
A.  Go to an unlocked track and tap the watch (eye) button of a replay.  The watch button also appears at the end of a race.

Q.  How do you race your friends?
A.  You send them a replay by going to an unlocked track and tapping the share button (up arrow) of a replay.  You can send replays with Mail, Messages or AirDrop.  Instructions
Note: “Save to Files” is not supported.

Q.  Where are your friends replays stored?
A.  They are stored on your device.  You can delete a replay by going to an unlocked track and tapping the delete (x) button of a replay.  Replays take about 30,000 bytes on average.

Q.  Can the replay files I send to someone be forwarded to someone else?
A.  Yes, so if you are concerned about privacy, don’t enter your real name as the rider name on the Options screen.

Q.  What happens if different people with the same rider name send me a replay for the same track?
A.  It will replace the current replay with the new one, the names must be unique.

Q.  If I change the rider name on the Options screen will it change the name in the replay files already saved?
A.  No, the new name will be used the next time a replay is saved.

Q.  I just won a race but it didn’t save the replay, why?
A.  It will only save it if the time is faster than the replay that’s already saved.

Q.  Why are button presses ignored sometimes when playing the game?
A.  Try moving your fingers further from the edges of the screen.

Q.  I have an iPad and the gas and brake buttons are in awkward positions, can you fix that?
A.  You can touch almost anywhere on the left side of the screen for the brake, and the right side of the screen for the gas.

Q.  Why does the rider fall off sometimes when landing after a big jump?
A.  If both buttons are pressed to lift the front wheel high, and you land very hard on the rear wheel, it can knock the rider off.

Last updated: August 21 2020