Motocross Racer for iOS

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Motocross Racer is an iOS motorcycle game that captures the speed and excitement of real dirt bike racing!   You can race against the 3 built-in opponents, your friends (by sending them your replays) or even against your own replays.   When the race is over, you can watch replays forward, reverse and in slow motion.

Realistic Physics!
The motorcycles in Motocross Racer handle just like real dirt bikes.   You have complete control of the bike with just 2 buttons (gas and brake).   For example, to change the angle of the bike while jumping, press the gas or the brake button.   To make the rider lean back and lift the front end of the bike up, press both buttons at the same time.   There are tutorials that teach you riding techniques like Brake Tapping, Panic Revving, Scrubbing, and Seat Bouncing.

• Includes 60 tracks
• 3 opponents for each track
• 125cc, 250cc, 500cc dirt bikes
• Race against friends replays
• Race against your own replays
• Easy to use controls
• Realistic physics
• Realistic engine sound
• Choose motorcycle & rider colors
• Choose rider name & number
• Watch replays (slow motion too)
• IAPs for Speed, Acceleration, Suspension

Motocross Racer, an iOS motorcycle racing game.


Motocross Racer for iOS
Prescription strength fun!

Last updated: August 21 2020